All-in-one Features Only available in Hybrid Optimize

Hybrid Optimize Features

Page Caching

Generate static HTML pages and serve them directly from your web server.

Cache Preloading

Automatically generate cached pages when you make some changes.

Preload links

Preloads a page in the browser right before a user clicks on it.

Browser Caching

Store the resources of your site images, JS, CSS in the local memory


Minify Html, CSS & JavaScript files in the web server.


Combine multiple CSS & JavaScript files in the web server.

Preload CSS

Preload CSS for eliminates render-blocking CSS on your website

Defer Scripts

Avoid render-blocking scripts by deferring them.

Lazy Load

Lazy load images, videos, iFrames to load faster.

Fonts Optimization

Self-host, combine and preload Google Fonts. display fallback fonts.


Serve assets in CDN like the CSS, JS, images, fonts to load faster.

Preload Resources

Preload resources like the CSS, JS, images, fonts to load faster.


Hybrid Optimize is compatible with the most popular themes and plugins.

Reduce Layout Shifts

Add missing images width and height attributes to reduce layout shift.


Coming soon. • Cloudflare integration • Sucuri integration

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Hybrid Optimize is a Next Generation WordPress
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WordPress Website Caching. And boost
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